Monday, March 8, 2010

A Maine Conference?

The group Georgian's For Reform just held their first ever statewide conference. I find this idea intriquing and am now wondering if Maine can pull off something simular? I'd need a lot of help not only in organizing the event but in deciding who to invite to speak to us. Then there is finding a venue and getting the word out. If any of you have any ideas please let me know by e-mailing me at or by sending a letter to Citizen's for Change-Maine, P.O. Box 611, Bridgton, Maine 04009.
Below is Georgia's report on their event.....

Georgians For Reform
Education, Awareness, and Treatment

To all State organizers,
Over the past years I have been challenged by various State Organizers to accomplish various things from letter and email campaigns to conference attendance and listening to radio programs.
We at Georgians For Reform have participated in these various challenges in our effort to accomplish the unified goal.
Yesterday, we took an additional step.
Yesterday, 6 March 2010, Georgians For Reform held a 12 hour conference in the State Capital.  Our attendance was over 180.
Our speakers included a District Attorney who participated in writing the original legislation that created the registry in Georgia, a Defense Attorney who addressed the ex post facto aspects of the registry, a Lobbyist, lawyer, and sociologist who spoke to the wrong directions taken by the registry and thus its detrimental effects on those registered and society as a whole and its consequent ineffectiveness, Religious Leaders who spoke to the Challenge presented by the registry to the faith community, Prison Counselors and Prison Chaplains who spoke to the reality of the registry for those incarcerated and released, and Paul Shannon who established the national presence of RSOL. 
Every speaker, including the attorney who participated in the original legislation, told us the registry is failed policy and is punishment.
In addition to those presented above, CNN sent a reporter to chronicle the event.
To put close to 190 people, the majority of who are not on the registry, in the state of Georgia, leaves no room for anyone to say it cannot be done, that the onerous nature of the registry presents too many hurdles to such an event, must now explain how Georgians For Reform accomplished this signature event.
Now, Georgians For Reform issues its own challenge.
Georgians For Reform challenges every State Affiliate and every partner of RSOL to hold a conference with equal visibility in their state.  We have moved the ball, we need each and every state and partner to keep it rolling until we gain the momentum to defeat this failed policy and create a policy that makes communities safer, protects children, and recognizes the rights of people to heal and move forward in their life.

Kelly R Piercy
Georgians For Reform

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